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The arcade house. The excitement to build in a collaborative process is what shaped the form of this structure. The structure was designed and built in Collaboration with Nirvana design studio. Both the firm’s shared their enthusiasm of space crafting, astute detailing and accepting challenges of materials. The result of the collaborative process was a house which is a pretty straight forward form, with repetitive Arches. The culmination of the arches is in form a huge rose window, which leads to a veranda and a bed space. The house is a dream of a Mumbai based social worker, Mr. Unmesh Bagwe to establish a habitat in his newly bought land on outskirts of Vangani, near Karjat. The house follows a geometry, unlike any traditionally inspired projects of the Jatra. The construction system also was specially designed to eliminate as much wood as possible. The colour palette was inspired by the red of the local brick and black of the wood treatment chemical. And the whole house took these colours. The large veranda leads to a large living space, with kitchen attached to it. This wall – less entity serves as a gathering space for the clients friends and family. The house was an experiment, with its own ups and downs, observations, failures and successes. What made the project work was full support from the client towards experimentation and an even more willing team of collaborators to experiment with.