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Nestled in a peaceful setting surrounded by rice farms, Bodhi farm at Dahanu is a project where hands on workshops relating to natural building are taken up and the intial requirement was that of a sanitation facility to cater to a large group of people to come and experience rural living along with the varied learning experiences.

This complex comprises of bath, toilet, utensil and clothes washing area. It has 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets with a central passage. The roof is lifted up for better ventilation. Beer bottle wall gives ambient light inside and makes small space visually larger. Walls are in burnt brick with mud mortar and plastered with cement. Pebbled floor helps to drain out excess of water from the feet when you step out from the toilet and bathroom. Central space is clothes and vessels washing area which is very much needed in rural context.

The toilet outlet is attached to bio gas chamber. Reed belt outside the bathroom helps filtering waste water from the bathroom and then same water is diverted to the farm. Local mud, recycled wood and cement roof sheets, local bamboo makes this toilet cost effective as well as low on carbon foot print.