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Cob Workshop

(A cob bamboo treatment furnace made at our Seed Bank)

Cob is one of the oldest and the most instinctive of all the technologies in mud construction. The connect one feels with the materials while working with them, the meditative satisfaction of molding your own shapes with the mud mix as well as the good physical workout inbuilt in this process makes these cob workshops a highlight of our practice.


The context of our cob workshops can range from campuses of the colleges that host us to our own seed bank/office space in Veti Murbad to our projects that already include a cob element. Colleges choose to send their students to the workshops in our village space in order to receive the firsthand experience that the student can only gain by working on an actual structure.











(Right –making a cob niche)

We love to invite students whenever we plan to execute cob structures because of the creative value that the students potentially add to such structures. In return, students gain a hands-on experience in cob building, while enjoying a few days living the simple country life. Apart from a sound technical know-how, we focus a lot on the experience that one would enjoy while engaging with cob building. The sense of achievement of watching a wall materialize within a few days of hard work with friends is the most enjoyable part of the workshop.


(Mixing cob at the seed bank)

Cob is a technology which Design Jatra loves to explore through its various projects. These workshops help us experience the technique in its entire capacity while also helping us spread the joy of building in mud to as many students as possible!