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This project is an experiment towards tweeking the tradtional wattle and daub technology while catering to the modern needs. It is an attempt in building pride in this technology of the tribals who stay in the village the house is constructed in.

The entire house is constructed with locally available materials and local masons. The design of the house is inspired by the regional tribal houses which follow a timber structural grid. The pros of the wattle and daub house has been retained while avoiding the cons of it in terms of maintenance.

The timber roof is supported on brick piers with mud mortar while the spaces in between is enclosed with local wattle and daub walls. Experimentation done on the wattle and daub walls increase their durability and reduces maintenance. The structural grid is symmetrical and spaces are crafted in it as per the functions and requirements. Attic dormers create cozy attic space which overlook into the living spaces below. Open kitchen and minimum walls makes interiors spacious. All the furniture is inbuilt which majorly reduces the cost. The plaster on the wall is mud in smooth finish.   

The grey waste water is directed to the banana circle after passing through a reed bed filter. The greens at the plot entry that cover the house on the west have blossomed due to this high nutrient waste water.