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A triangular parcel of land with streams flowing on all three sides and densely forested with a variety of native flora and fauna, this site is the closest of what we can call an oasis amidst the barren terrain around. With a strong urge to propogate the flora and fauna a couple of young engineers and their families work on the lines of sustainability to such and extent that they have even left their Mumbai abodes permanently to settle in this natural reserve.

Designed as a multi purpose structure to function as a conference and community dining, this facility is starkly different than its peers. One of a kind “workacation” spaces made much before the concept picked up. Amidst the green this space is open to the chirps of birds and hums of insects. At night this converts into a community gathering space and a tenting area. An experiment to make a structure from wooden portal frames taught us many lessons in the field of structures. (New learnings come along a rough route but give insights for a very long time )

The open and welcoming nature of the family staying here is highly reflected in the amazing service they provide and smiles they spread around. An open area with a barbeque pit attached to the dining space is a great space for lighting bonfires on cold winter nights. Steps from the dining go down onto a platform overlooking a stream adjoining the structure. A great space for all generations, this pocket is visually hidden from the chit chatty upper level.

A kitchen facility as part of the structure. The black water from the kitchen is treated and diverted into beds planted with turmeric and ginger.