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A triangular parcel of land with streams flowing on all three sides and densely forested with a variety of native flora and fauna, this site is the closest of what we can call an oasis amidst the barren terrain around. Within this natural setting are a couple of young engineers and their families who are natural farmers by passion. With a strong urge to retain, conserve and propogate the flora and fauna on this parcel of land, all of them work on the lines of sustainability to such and extent that they have even left their Mumbai abodes permanently to settle in this natural reserve.
Designed initially as a helpers stay facility, this structure was converted into a pair of twin cottages for the family, friends, nature lovers, volunteers and guests who love to occupy this space. Made using natural materials and hyper local labour this cottage sets an example of a composite structure incorporating wattle and daub and timber frame construction along with load bearing brickwork.
Completely plastered using lime and mud, we have gone beyond to even make wooden doors with bamboo infill that compliment the entire design well. A big entry veranda welcomes many people all at once to only later lead them into their private lobby, bedroom and back veranda spaces.
The grey water is also diverted into two reed beds which grow bananas in return! The structure is also open to insects as they love to dwell in the structure as much as the guests.