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This chunk of land in Thane district taken up to build the second home is one of the 100 acres of farm land which was sold off as 1 acre plots to individuals 40 years ago. The land has many huge mango trees along with a few of native tree varieties. The site adjoins many such vegetated land pockets. The Ulhas river which flows close to the site is the source of water supply to this gated community.

The clients desired a least maintenance, incest and rodent proof house which regulated the indoor temperatures without any mechanical inputs. Coming from an urban background, the house was to be used as a weekend home. The clients wished a slow transition from the city to the farms after they retired.

Locally available materials and labour are employed to make the said weekend home. The home has a courtyard in its heart which helps in regulating the temperature of the house and a stark difference of 5-6 degrees is observed even in periods of extreme heat. Brick jalis with smaller openings are designed to create Venturi effect which aid in passive cooling. Series of arches are employed as members which transfer structural load as well as creating a varied aesthetic inside and outside the house.