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Swach shala (clean school)

Following the great move of the union Government 2014 – 19, many organizations began ensuring effective implementation of the Swachh Bharat Yojana. A part of this yojana was the “toilets in school” initiative. Working with the NGO, Learning Space in Vajreshwari, Design Jatra designed a series of toilets appropriate for the schools of Palghar district. Emphasis of design was to ensure effective disposal of waste water and solid waste, minimal use of water, lowering maintenance as well as the ecological footprint of the toilet.

Also, a big part was to make toilets a welcome space rather than the dirty ones which end up being ruins. Hence, zero use of cement sheets was encouraged (to maintain comfortable temperatures). A sanitary resting space for girls during their periods, clean urinals for boys, cloths washing spaces were also proposed. Systems like dry toilets, reed bed systems, percolation pits was also proposed in the scheme. The size of the toilets ranged from a single unit of 15 sq feet to a 1500 sq feet unit, housing multiple toilets and bathing spaces. This project aims as inculcating sanitary habits in children from their school, thus hoping for them to be more aware of basic sanitation and hygiene later in life.