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The shanty of this tribal kirtankar farmer was on the verge of falling apart and he refused to take the government scheme of PMAY because of the area constraints and costly materials it introduced. He wished a habitat that would be a module that his entire village can follow using traditional technologies of construction, but the challenge being the construction cost which would be as much as the PMAY. This would be his residence along with a computer room to be used by the entire village.

The whole concept revolved around extremely low budget. A plan on grid was designed with a central core from which lean to roofs can be added as extensions. Such was the incremental module that would help reduce cost and could be built in phases.

All the skilled labour needed for the construction were locally sourced, the family and the extended family were the unskilled labour. The bricks for the house were made by the client himself. All wood and mangalore tiles which could be salvaged were reused into the new house. All these factored into helping reduce the cost tremendously down to PMAY construction cost.

This project bagged the HUDCO Cost effective and disaster resilient rural housing Award-2015”.