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The Unburnt Brick House

This particular project was an experiment towards use of adobe bricks instead of burnt bricks. It was meant to be a very compact house. However, as the house was being built, the client and his family were more interested in the construction technique and the feel of the house and decided to expand the structure incrementally. The final product is a result of three such expansion exercises.

The core structure is made of unburnt bricks and mud plasters. It is designed as a singular space with no doors. Private sleeping space is provided at a different level with the help of an attic. The house is passively cooled due to the stack effect induced by the dormer windows and the brick jalis.

This is one of the projects where designers took the decision to execute the project with minimum drawings, as the clients brief kept expanding and changing. Even after six years, he house is still in the process of incremental improvements.