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The clients desired a least maintenance, insect and rodent proof house with modern facilities and services. Coming from an urban background, the house was to be used as a weekend home. The design revolved around the already existing mango trees on site.

The house was desired to be unique in its design while being prettier than a conventional city home. Symmetry in planning the house is used as a design tool for balance and aesthetics. Arches are used to span large and small openings and also act as elements such as windows, doorways and seating areas. A loft with an attached terrace to sit in the evenings to overlook the whole farm was wished.

The living space, kitchen and the staircase have an open plan thus making the space bigger. Two bedrooms are connected to this space on either side symmetrically. Also, white lime plastered walls are chosen for the living area. However, the bedrooms have a more cozy feeling with dark rough mud plaster. The loft is accessed through a circular arch that leads to a reading seat that is designed in a circular arch on the opposite that overlooks into the kitchen and living below.

The entrance from the plot gate till the house was landscaped with mounds made from earth which was excavated during the pathway construction thus merging the pathway with its surroundings. Also the plinth protection has an area to wash feet before entering the house and a swing adjoining an outdoor snack area next to the house veranda.